10155896_10151941177175448_1335691259_nMany of you remember the debuting of the TV Towers in 2014 at Serenity Gathering at Zaca Lake but 2019 brings in the 2.o.  At Garths Boulder Gardens in Joshua Tree California, the band plans to debut their new visual display. Bridging the gap between DMX controlled lighting, 3D Projection Mapping and Liquid light with creating a unique NEW spin on visual display while adding the TV Broken touch. Created by drummer Nathan Harvey  with Pickle Visuals from Colorado and Mike Kepler Liquid light artist from Los Angeles The band plans to combine their classic tv 3D projections look with the original liquid light. With a touch of moving heads and DMX controlled lighting, the band will finally bridge the gap between lighting and visuals! Get ready Socal PSychout its gonna get wierd!