Tv Broken at MOONTRIBE 22 year aniversary !!

Moontribe 22 yearThe band was welcomed at the monthly desert party Moontribe 22nd anniversary. This collective has been gathering under the moon for 22 years and every June they come with their anniversary party. It was an honor to be the first full band to play these kinds of gatherings. We love this community and will always be here for them!



Hello fellow space travelers, if your in a moment of relaxation and wish to zen out come and give a listen  TV Broken 3rd Eye Open new song Afro shiva…. and float through some sitar didgeridoo awesomeness…….. Aloha

TV Broken 3rd Eye Open Rated #5 Anticipated Band @ Burning Man 2014


5. TV Broken Third Eye Open – Sunday, 7:00 PM – Basshenge @ 2:00 & Gold

What better way to kick off Burning Man than a psychedelic jam session filled with sitars, banjos, didgeridoos and more? This up and coming jam band states that their music is “a calling to break the binds, to liberate the soul, emancipate the minds and embrace the passionate romance with the inner creative unknown.” There doesn’t seem like there could be a better way to transition yourself from the “default world’ into the magical creative world of Burning Man. So, take a break from setting up your camp to go check out this band. You will be guaranteed to come back with a heightened sense of awareness resulting in the creation of an even better camp for you to live in all week.

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Welcome all to the amazing blue stargate

Welcome all to the amazing blue stargate. This is a portal to the wonderful world of love life and the persuit of happieness. Come discover yourself and your true purpose by letting go and dancing the nights away with your favorite musical vibrations!!!! See you there

Step through the Gateway with us. Your participation empowers the life around you to thrive. This project has already been life altering to the entire crew. Bring your all; reward yourself. Join us in celebration of this Cosmic Moment, the dawning of a golden age. —



Come see TV Broken At O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Restaurant


Come see TV Broken 3rd Eye Open At O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

We go on at 12 30 with projections!!!!!!!! by Avi Davis

The Collective CA Presents: Dirty Hollywood .. Three Free Shows every other Thursday O’Brien’s Irish Pub & Restaurant

missed the first one? here’s two more…
April 24th
May 8th

Show #2 (April 24th)
9pm: Stand Up Comedy
10pm: WaterDawgs
11pm: Dirty Hollywood
11:45pm: Michael Vincze & Lisa Donnelly
12:15am: TV Broken 3rd Eye Open

Rocked Serenity Gathering

WE LOVE YOU ALL. Thank you for the amazing Serenity Gathering. We want to thank all the bands that came out to play in the cold and all our crew that put our stage on. It could not happen without you. Time to take live music to the next level!!!!

Here is a taste of our set closing out the Main Stage Sunday Night

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to be continued…..

Line Up For Serenity Gathering Released!!!

Get ready for a diverse lineup of bass beats, glitch, and live music that has something for everyone, and a variety of side stages for late night fun and random collaboration magic.  The Polish Ambassador is headlining the event bringing visuals by Liminus, providing a psychedelic backdrop to his melodic and driving beats. Also featured will be Random Rab, Bluetech, TV Broken Third Eye Open, Thriftworks, and Phutureprimitive. Local love is shown featuring top LA producers such as B.R.E.E.D, Orphic, Nicefingers, and Saqi. Live instruments and jamming will be abundant among the stages as well. Spafford will be bringing their high energy soul to the gathering, and Plantrae will use his violin to soothe the collective souls.

TV Broken at Serenity Gathering

Welcome all to Serenity Gathering we are hosting a side stage with many of our brothers and sisters. Come support and if you want to help or be a part of it please contact us and we would love to welcome you in building family!