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Tv Broken at MOONTRIBE 22 year aniversary !!

The band was welcomed at the monthly desert party Moontribe 22nd anniversary. This collective has been gathering under the moon for 22 years and every June they come with their anniversary party. It was an honor to be the first full band to play these kinds of gatherings. We love this community and will always […]

Lucidity 2016!!!

The band is welcomed to play an official set at Lucidity Festival! paired with Groovesession and many other amazing bands this year’s Lucidity is going to be amazing!

Tv Broken 3rd Eye Open back at Serenity 2016

The band is back at Serenity Gathering again with the own “Bridge Family” Stage. With all their favorite bands besides them, this year will be amazing. The band is booked with Mad Alchemy as their visual artist and will be the first time the band has performed with liquid light!

Indidginus 2015 what a treat!!

The band was welcomed at the international Didgeridoo festival Indidginus where we played alongside some of the most talented didge players in the world. Adrian was even gifted a didgeridoo for his outstanding performances!!

Tv Broken at LIB 2015!!

Once again the band was welcomed back to Lightning in a bottle to play in the Grand Artique stage! Being the bands 4th year back this festival has become a kind of home and we love the community that it comes with. Cant wait to return!!